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VO Projects/reels

VO Projects/reels

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Paul Greene Radio Imaging

Character Reel July 2021

Mondelez Olympics Manifesto

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Harbor Podcast

Monsters with personal problems, dirty bureaucracy, and secrets in the sticks.
Normal is what you get used to.


Pursuit of Orlinia

As one of the world’s most successful billionaires of the future, Antony Carcalla has everything he could ever want—except people who actually care about him for the man he is and not for what he has. But after betting a friend he can survive living on the city streets for three days, Antony meets someone who changes his world forever; and he never even learns her real name. Antony sets off on a journey to find the woman he loves, even if the cost is his success.

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Paul Greene-Dennis | Non-Union VO Talent (SAG-E)


Mondelez/Nabisco | Olympics Manifesto (Digitas) 


John Abbington | Weeping Cedars (Joshua Wise)

Franklin Deco | Harbor (Tartarus Jenny Studios)

Leonard Pryce | The Patron Saint of Suicides (Audiohm Media)



Shaun/Security Guard/Bailiff | Pursuit of Orlinia (TS Wieland) 

Video Games:

Ray | My Friendly Neighborhood (Dread Xp) 

Abobo | Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (Modus Games)



Marla Kirban, Reed Rudy, Domingo Castillo - Commercial

Harry Dunn - Promo

Richard Redfield - Trailer

Brigid Reale - eLearning/Explainer 

Chad Erickson - Radio Imaging

Ronnie Butler - Audiobooks

Leonardo Audio - Audiobook Workouts

Real Voice LA - Workouts w/ Craig Lee Thomas, Matthew Rudd

Lori Alan, June Yoon, Dorah Fine, Ashely Biski - Animation/Character

Lori Alan and Susan Palyo - Group VO Workouts (Animation, Video Games)

Adventures in Voice Acting- Character Voices Acting 101, 102 and 103 w/ Julie Maddalena 

Extraterrible Studios - Group ADR Class and Intermediate ADR Course w/ Jason Lord 

Bang Zoom ADR Workshop w/ Tony Oliver

Keythe Farley, Michael Orenstein - Video Games

The Groundlings Theatre and School - Improvisation​​​



Shure KSM32 Condenser Microphone -> UA Volt 276 Interface -> Macbook Pro w/ Hardwired Ethernet Connection -> Reaper

 -- Live Direction Capabilities --

-Source Connect Standard





-Classical/Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz Singing and A Cappella (Bass)

-Creature/Animal Sounds


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Jackson Agency - VO

Jasmine Greene - Agent

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